Don’t Google for it. Because I have already done enough about it. Its nothing but a fear of which is something sharp, thin, long, pointy, horrible, dangerous, and painful….Oh !! OK I’ll cut the crap….Its the fear of injections and needles.

wpid-curiosity-30-common-phobias-pictures-2.jpgAnd yes!! I’m one of the people in the 20% in the world who suffers from the Trypanoshit. This is really bad really, really bad because I hate doctors who often taken their weapon of destruction and prick me with it.

Google says its so dangerous to be afraid of needles and syringes because people who suffers from Trypanophobia never goes to hospital and takes medicine for minor fever or common cold which leads to heavier risk later.

These people never donate blood because of the fear of needles. So they will often run on the opposite direction of the blood donation camp.

The sad truth is my cousin sister is a monster who has needles as her fingers. I had a chance to visit my cousin in her den. It was horrible nightmare. Antibiotic scent everywhere. White Mask and coats smiling and waving at me. I could only feel like the Grim reaper waving at me. So horrible.

She took me to the operation theater and showed me the world’s most wonderful thing i have ever seen. A new baby just came to this world. It was so soft and reddish. I was speechless. At that moment I lost all my fear and I was looking at the baby and I forgot to mention its a girl baby. She weighted 3 kg.

Healthy girl is ready to take her first blood test. Nurse took that sharp thingy and pricked her. I turned my head over and just realized these people here are not devils but they save lives. They help people to live a healthy life. At that moment I was so proud of my sister being a doctor who brings the babies to the world. From that moment they started to look like Angels who serves as the Gate Keepers of this world.

For the people reading this blog who are in that 20%, let me tell you a small story of U.S. President Richard Nixon was known to have a fear of hospitals after refusing to get a treatment for a blood clot in 1974 saying, “if I go into the hospital, I’ll never come out alive.”

[P.S] I’m still a Trypanophobia guy and I know its hard to recover from it. So you ask me ” Y the @$¥£ you are advising me not to be…??”
hmmm…the answer is giving advise for the people is the easiest job in the whole world and the most difficult job is following that same advise we give for others 😀


The Three School Girls

It was past 11 in the morning and I was daydreaming and strolling even thought the office starts everyday at 10.

I saw three school girls on their way walking to the school at a distance. They were giggling, chattering among themselves and approaching towards me. To my guess they might be 7th grade or above.

As I was walking slowly, I could hear an ambulance siren from a long distance at my back. I was so sure that it is an ambulance so I never turned my head.I could hear the siren sound is increasing to its maximum level.

At that moment, the girls came so close to me, stood for a second closed their eyes and murmured for just few seconds.

I walked by the side and crossed the girls. The Ambulance just pierced through the traffic and passed us.
The people on their wheels rushed through some gaps to let the ambulance pass through them. That girls just prayed for that unknown soul fighting for staying.

This world is so full of people rushing busy on everyday morning but that moment when they heard that ambulance siren they all just forgot their bosses,their deadlines, their exam tension, their worries, and did what they could to let the ambulance pass by.

Within few seconds the world went back to its shape. I continued strolling…



The person above looking directly at you is me. My name is Jeba Samuel L.
I was born on January 15,1991 in a rural area so-called Asaripallam, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.
I was born in a family of artists around me.I was never a bright student in schools. I use to create my own world in my head and daydream everyday. I never remember this but many of my childhood friends said that I use to tell lot of stories and make them believe.(that includes that i have fought a five headed snake on a grand duel..) Life went easy until I was pushed to find ‘x’ and the position of ‘unobtainium & viberanium’ in periodic table. The most saddest thing i ever faced is that my chemistry teacher was a good friend of my mom. Until now I have no idea how I have passed out my High school. My mom believes this as the God’s grace but I call it as a medical miracle.
Life goes by. I came Chennai to enjoy my vacation holiday where I came to know about an animation institute. I was so excited to be a part in it. I wanted my mom to get me an admission in that college. Even after she knows that it sounds bit costly, she opened her hands to let me do what i liked. I came to know about animation, films, special effects, blasts, dragons, Gollum, Pixar, Whoah !! I should stop the list right here. I finally came to find my hidden passion.

I completed the course in 2011 with my bachelors degree(Hons) in 3D animation.
Currently I am working as an Animator in Ingage Technologies Pvt.Ltd at Chennai. Where I have learned many new things and different styles of animation. I got a platform to learn more about animation.
For the people reading this blog, all I have to say is “Blogs and Youtube are the two best teachers in the whole universe.”

This blog is completely about me, my life and my surroundings.