Mission Impossible: Question papers-04

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Chapter: 04

“Um..What ?” I asked

“That paper you were burning..??” mom asked in anger,

“Ah..yeah..paper…that white paper”

“Gimme that”

“Gimme what..?!”

“The other paper you were suppose to burn.”

“Its just a plain paper, nothing to worry about.”

My face started dripping sweat.

Mom snatched the paper from my hand.

I saw her eyes darting the paper left to right.




“What is this..??” Mom asked.

“I said right its just a paper.”

“If you meant to burn it then definitely its not JUST a  paper.”

“Its…um…the questions of tomorrow’s exam” I replied in low pitch.

“How did you get it..??

“Uh…Um….technically speaking we took that.”


“oh..Did I just say ‘We’..??”

Mom kept staring at me.

“Okay !!  before your B.P cranks up, please gimme a chance to explain.” I tried to explain.

“Yes!! We stole the question paper from the staff’s bag and we are writing the exam but look at the bright side…Have you ever seen ur son studying…??”

Mom didn’t even pat her eyes.

“See, now your son is studying. He will pass in all the subjects. Think about it.”

“When did u start this fraud..??” Mom asked.

“This is the third exam.”

“Are you planned to continue this..??”

“Yeah but I promise I will never cheat in the exam hall with paper bits.

Mom never said another word. She handed me the question paper and left.”

I burnt the paper to ashes.

That silence is not just a silence, even the stormy day has a silence day before.

Oh wait !! Did I ever mention that my mom is a strict high school teacher..??


*Today , sitting on the porch and waiting outside- caught red handed*

” Macha !! your mom is coming..??”

“Enga da..??”

I looked at the entrance gate.

“Gulp” O.o

to be continued… 


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