Why do we have a pair of eye brows ?? Why God ?? WHY ?!!?

Not a productive week, so I thought why don’t I just make this day a productive one ? Ok what can I do for next couple of hours to make it a productive day ?

I could hold my breath till five minutes and set a World Record !! But unfortunately trying this could make my productive day into death day. So what else I have got !?!

I could take a power nap and then to figure out what could I do..?? SHUT UP!! No but…!! JUST SHUT THE SPEECH HOLE AND THINK SOMETHING ELSE!!
Ok!! ok What Else..??

I can animate a shot !! Yeah !! I can animate a shot.

So I decided to animate a shot of two people having a conversation.
But wait !! Animating a conversation requires facial animation.
Ok I thought I will do a quick research about the facial animation.

~ CTRL+T ~ New tab ~ Google search ~ Facial animation ~

Facial animation has four major actions 1, Eye Dart 2, Eye brow movement 3, Lip movement 4, Jaw movement.
Research took me couple of hours and all of a sudden a question BAMM’ed my head

Why the seven hells do we need a pair of Eyebrow..??
We have eyes to see, nose to breathe, mouth to eat and talk but why useless eyebrows..?? Seriously, what is the use of that pair of hair streaks so called “EYE BROW”…?!

~ CTRL+T ~ New tab ~ Google search~What is the purpose of eyebrow ~

After a detailed research for the next couple of hours I found the reason.

Humans need eyebrows. Humans sweat a lot to keep his body temperature under control and sweat a damn on the head for keeping the CPU’s temperature down. While sweating from the head it drips through the forehead it starts dripping on the eyes if we don’t have a pair of eyebrows. The problem with the sweat is that it contains a lot of salt which makes our eyes to burn. In Order to avoid the eyes burn we were evolved with that sweet little pair of hair stripes so called “EYEBROW”.

These eye brows stops the sweat at the forehead, redirects it away from the eyes leaving it dripping through the cheeks and thus our day is saved. Thanks to Powerpuff girls !! Ah…I mean…. the eyebrows…sorry !!

Scientist actually comes with the theory that if we were not evolved with the eyebrows we would have a very long eye lashes or we would have our forehead bulging in front of the face which would make us a HUMAN HAMMER !! and thanks to the EVOLUTION for saving the human mankind from the HAMMERHEAD or LONG EYELASH.
After the research I was relieved and satisfied which made me tired so I had to take a power nap. Good night fellas !!




Zzzzzzzzz!!!!! Zzzzzzzz!!!!
Zzzzzzzzz!!!!! Zzzzzzzz!!!! Zzzzzzzzz!!!!! Zzzzzzzz!!!!