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The Game of YinYang

Who hates playing game?! Come on !! If you are, please be off the planet. Run away and hide !!

Even God plays a game. The game of Yin Yang. Let me keep it simple and clear. Okay, I get it. Bringing God into the headline is complicated, so let me bring his own image. The Man.

yellow stone entrance

Recently I came across an interesting information about the Eco system in Yellowstone National Park through Internet. Yellowstone National park is one of the most beautiful and adventurous place in the world. The park had lots and lots of green, white and blues. It was once the motherland for deer and deer only as they ruled the entire park. They started consuming more green everywhere. As days goes by there were no greens leftover. The whole Yellowstone turned out to be a yellow park.

Later then the Man decided to introduce a pack of wolf into Yellowstone in 2005. The ‘bad’ wolves started killing the deer and they became the ruler of the park which is atrociuos and ridiculous. Deer felt that the Man had betrayed them and left alone in this world to die. So they cursed the Man and decided to shift the place. They took the other side of the bank.

Days passed, deer died in cold blood. But something is happening in Yellowstone. Greens started to rise back at the bad wolf territory. Green became darker and denser leading into forest. When forest rose up, singing birds started showing up.

Birds?? lovely. Bad Wolves never stopped. They started killing the coyotes which brought back the beavers, rabbits and mice.
Rabbits and Mice?? Awesome. Its time for hunting fella decided the bald eagles and ravens. They showed up sooner. Wolves never stopped. They started killing more animals and birds.

More dead animals? I’m lovin it said the foxes and vultures. This changes brought the bears into the game. Bears started killing the deer and took control of a region. Deer are completely left alone in the park. No help where there. Curses echoed around the Yellowstone.

“No vegetation, fuck it. I am off the park” said the dirt and soils. There were no one to hold them back. They kept eroding and drifting. Because of the bad wolves, the vegetation came back and took charges on the soil. Trees passed a law “Soil erosion is strictly prohibited in Yellowstone”. Due to less soil erosion, the rivers stayed at one place and thus the wolves took control over the geographical designing of the park.The whole Yellowstone turned out different within six years. Dramatic change. All because of that one bad decision.

Long stayed the deer with frowned face. Wolves kept playing the Man game

‘The game of Yin Yang’.

yin yang grass


The Forgotten Guardian Angel

Every family has a guardian angel. The angel who care for every person in the family. The angel who deserves love and affection but left alone into the dark to perish; still cares and gives everything he can to protect your family. But only less knows Him. The forgotten Guardian Angel.

Freeze your life for an instance and roll back to your past. You have a guardian angel who might be so hard to recall. He loves you even if you forget him. He has spent His time, energy and strength to help you and protect you.

He saved you when you are sick, He helped you when you are at trouble. He cared for you and your family. Health care, Financial crisis, Moral support, you name it; He is always been there for you to solve it without expecting in return.

Stop acting like a lumberjack who brings his family under the tree shade on a picnic day. Its time to give it back. The angel needs you. He is getting older and weaker. He gave everything without expecting the return. He never asks for help. But he needs it. It’s never too late.

One fine morning, when you are older and weaker you sit alone grazing the old reminiscence and you will find the forgotten angel standing besides you at all the trouble you faced. At that moment all you can give Him is a couple of tears but still he will love you from heaven.

                                                                                                                  – one of the few

It took damn SIX years for switching a seat !!

“Excuse me madam !! this boy is pinching me always, I wanted to switch my seat.”
“Okay. You stay here, Viswa Take your bag, go to the last bench and stay there for the whole term.”
“But actually mam !! I wanted to switch my seat.” I replied back.
“Shut up and stay in your seat Sam!! I saw the test papers and you failed. Don’t ever imagine switching the seat to the last bench.”
“Okay mam”, me replied with a sad expression which would help me at least to stay on the bench rather not on the floor.

This incident happened many years back when I was a kid and I was studying in school.

It was the time where untouchability and switching seats were considered offensive and criminal act, people some times were punished for this atrocity. I wished the future ‘me’ will have the right to switch anything and anywhere to his wish. Sigh !!

Many years later, I decided to switch seat from the left to right and I thought what is the big deal of switching..?? Duh !!
“Six months in prison, and if any road kill, it may end up in hang to death” he said.

“Oh Com’on !! This is unfair. Just a few inches to the right. huh !! whats the big deal about it..??” I asked.
”Please stretch out the hand little bit higher so that I can measure for a prison pajamas and gift it to you on the day of judgement” he said as if ” please press one to activate the hello tunes on your mobile.”

His quote made me think that I’ll switch the seat one day, not today but some day.

After waiting for six long years I finally decided to switch seat.
“But wait!! You need to master the art of balancing the clutch and the accelerator, the control of the steering, the unspoken driver’s language, the…….”
“Oh!! Com’on…not again you jerk.”
“Rules are rules buddy. After completing the course, you must attend a test in front of the Road inspector, and if passed you shall take the right side seat or if u rush it now I still have the gift wrapped for the day of judgement.”

I realized that I have a severe test-o-phobia and police-o-phobia. Okay I need a hammer to shoot on my face. Shit !! I meant that I need to pistol to break my skull. Oh Com’on !! U brain arsehole.
Either the police test or the rest of the life on the left side seat. Make a choice said the brain like the Matrix Morpheus with the red and blue pills.

“Okay !! I’ll take the test”. I murmured and sat back on the left seat.

Next day morning!! I decided to enroll myself onto a switching seat academy. The instructor, 40+, dark skin, salt and pepper hair, and the ‘always smiling face’. That face showed that he is the man of Ahimsa.
“Get back here tomorrow morning 6AM sharp”, he said.
“Waaat..?? !! did he just said S-I-X…….A-N-T-E…….M-E-R-I-D-I-E-M..??”.
“Yeah”, said the jerk.


Android alarmed its 6AM. I got ready at 7AM and reached my destination. On the way I noticed a yellowish orange ball slowly lifting up above the horizon. I had never seen that before in my lifetime. people use to call that as “The Sun Rise” but who cares, lets get back to the business.

“Sam, come over here !!” said the instructor. I ran to him. He handed me the most beautiful thing in the whole world, “A car key”.

happy-cuteness-overload-guy-memeAnd that’s it. I have reached my destiny, I am going to switch my seat finally.

“Get in the driver seat”, he sang. I, myself in Ultra-slow motion, opened the door and entered inside the car with the DubStep BGM.

I turned the key and the engine started.