The person above looking directly at you is me. My name is Jeba Samuel L.
I was born on January 15,1991 in a rural area so-called Asaripallam, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.
I was born in a family of artists around me.I was never a bright student in schools. I use to create my own world in my head and daydream everyday. I never remember this but many of my childhood friends said that I use to tell lot of stories and make them believe.(that includes that i have fought a five headed snake on a grand duel..) Life went easy until I was pushed to find ‘x’ and the position of ‘unobtainium & viberanium’ in periodic table. The most saddest thing i ever faced is that my chemistry teacher was a good friend of my mom. Until now I have no idea how I have passed out my High school. My mom believes this as the God’s grace but I call it as a medical miracle.
Life goes by. I came Chennai to enjoy my vacation holiday where I came to know about an animation institute. I was so excited to be a part in it. I wanted my mom to get me an admission in that college. Even after she knows that it sounds bit costly, she opened her hands to let me do what i liked. I came to know about animation, films, special effects, blasts, dragons, Gollum, Pixar, Whoah !! I should stop the list right here. I finally came to find my hidden passion.

I completed the course in 2011 with my bachelors degree(Hons) in 3D animation.
Currently I am working as an Animator in Ingage Technologies Pvt.Ltd at Chennai. Where I have learned many new things and different styles of animation. I got a platform to learn more about animation.
For the people reading this blog, all I have to say is “Blogs and Youtube are the two best teachers in the whole universe.”

This blog is completely about me, my life and my surroundings.


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