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Mission Impossible: Question papers-04

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Chapter: 04

“Um..What ?” I asked

“That paper you were burning..??” mom asked in anger,

“Ah..yeah..paper…that white paper”

“Gimme that”

“Gimme what..?!”

“The other paper you were suppose to burn.”

“Its just a plain paper, nothing to worry about.”

My face started dripping sweat.

Mom snatched the paper from my hand.

I saw her eyes darting the paper left to right.




“What is this..??” Mom asked.

“I said right its just a paper.”

“If you meant to burn it then definitely its not JUST a  paper.”

“Its…um…the questions of tomorrow’s exam” I replied in low pitch.

“How did you get it..??

“Uh…Um….technically speaking we took that.”


“oh..Did I just say ‘We’..??”

Mom kept staring at me.

“Okay !!  before your B.P cranks up, please gimme a chance to explain.” I tried to explain.

“Yes!! We stole the question paper from the staff’s bag and we are writing the exam but look at the bright side…Have you ever seen ur son studying…??”

Mom didn’t even pat her eyes.

“See, now your son is studying. He will pass in all the subjects. Think about it.”

“When did u start this fraud..??” Mom asked.

“This is the third exam.”

“Are you planned to continue this..??”

“Yeah but I promise I will never cheat in the exam hall with paper bits.

Mom never said another word. She handed me the question paper and left.”

I burnt the paper to ashes.

That silence is not just a silence, even the stormy day has a silence day before.

Oh wait !! Did I ever mention that my mom is a strict high school teacher..??


*Today , sitting on the porch and waiting outside- caught red handed*

” Macha !! your mom is coming..??”

“Enga da..??”

I looked at the entrance gate.

“Gulp” O.o

to be continued… 


Mission Impossible: Question papers-02

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We were waiting outside the office room for our parents to bail us out. Its 3.30 PM .

“Shall we confess all the mistakes we have done so far..??”

Jeejo replied “No ! They don’t have any clue about the other things we have done so far so keep the mouth shut !!”

“But..??” denied Soulwin

” I am the one who get caught red-handed, so I can take care of it.” Jeejo replied.

I was listening to the conversation happening between them.

–few months earlier—

“Have you studied..??”

” Yeah…but not all the questions”

” Good”.

Me and Hari are on the way riding bicycle to school.

The exam is gonna start. Everyone is so curious about the question paper. If she changed the questions we are dead.

Principal madam entered the classroom. We are ready with the paper and pen.

“Take down the questions” madam

Everyone is in extreme curious looking at the black board.


On the board “Explain bi-section of the stem with a detailed diagram”

” Phew !! ” My ears pop opens and I started hearing the birds singing and the people around me saying “Phew” 😀 . Goose bumps from head to toe 😀

I started writing the answer in Godspeed. Happiness swirling around us. All the boys know the answer. All I wanted is the pass mark. I learned two questions and I completed both and I am very happy. Everyone is happy. The exam is over and everyone submits the paper.


“Macha !! I’ll pass the exam”

Cheerful happiness around the boys. We saw few sad faces besides us. They are the girls.

” She didn’t change the questions.. haha”

“What do we do for tomorrow’s exam..??”

“Whats tomorrow’s exam..??”

Again silence for a couple of seconds.

“Where do we get the question paper..??

“I have seen many teacher writing questions in a note. So all the staffs must have a question note…”

to be continued…

Mission Impossible: Question Papers-01

Abnormal evening, the eight sad faces sitting outside the Principal’s office room. All the staffs, faculties and students passing by inquiring us, but no one replies. I own one of the sad face. Time is running. Principal’s strict order not to leave the campus unless our parents talks with the administration. They asked the working parents to take permission leave and be present  at  school. We are waiting outside the office room sitting on the floor, ashamed to talk or face  each other.

the_nine_faces(Mission took place at 9th grade. Photo taken at 10th grade. The eight faces, let me introduce from the left side.)

Jeba Samuel (myself), Soulwin , Joy Joseph David, Madhan , Jabez, Hari, Jeejo, Ajay (not involved in the mission  as he joints the team later), Jenifer. You will get to know about  each of these soldiers through the series of posts.

Few months earlier,

It is a normal day but not for us. Tomorrow is botany mid-term exam. Everyone is in fear. The first few chapters to be learned completely. Everyone is preparing for the exam. Girls are busy studying inside the class room. Principal madam is taking care of the botany subject. She asked the boys to sit outside the class and study for tomorrow’s exam. While  we are studying, Principal madam is writing something  on a notebook.

After few minutes, She turns  her  face to the boys and  said,” Boys !! I’ll  be back in few minutes. Don’t  make noises. Sit and study and this is the question paper for tomorrow’s exam. Don’t look at this. I’ll be back”.

Principal madam leaves.

LIGHT BULB on everyone’s head.

The idea has just been planted on the head by principal madam.

We had two chances. Just to sneak inside the note for couple of seconds and learn that particular questions in 24 hrs or learn all the questions in 24 hrs and be surprised on the exam,  which  is not gonna happen.

One of them, slowly peaks inside the class room. The girls are so busy studying. We are so busy planning how to see  that question paper.

Hari and Jeejo stood up from their place, walks toward the question notebook.

They opened the note gazed for a couple of seconds, runs back to the place and sits.

The heart starts to pump more blood. Few seconds of extreme tension.

“Whats the question…??”

“How many questions…??”

“Is she wrote Bisection of the stem..??”

Lots of whispers around me  aimed at Hari and Jeejo.

Hari lifts his botany  textbook and points at a paragraph. Suddenly everyone starts to study that question.  Everyone became so sincere. No talking, no  chatting.

Bell rang. Interval  time.

“Can we share these questions  with the  girls..??”

“NO !!”


“Don’t be a fool. We would be caught. So keep the mouth shut.”

“OK !!”

“What are the other question..??”

“Don’t learn all the questions… Be wise and learn only three. Jeba, Joy and Jenifer you learn two questions.”

“Pray that she should not change  the questions”

Everyone leaves the school thinking tomorrow is gonna be a big day…

to be continued…