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Left or Right ??

One of my best friend lost his bachelor card in Wayanad, Kerala. We people with number of ten decided to set our foot on Wayanad to congratulate him and visit Wayanad. With lots of confusion and last-minute battle we buckled up in two rides. With two license holders in each car we left Chennai. Our ride started from OMR and another one from PARRYS CORNER. There is always someone who puts us delay when we plan to travel together and as expected we are behind schedule.The idea is to reach Wayanad at midnight so that we can have a nap and be there on wedding in good condition. So we decided to meet outside the city and travel together to save time.

I took the job which I had to yell out “TAKE THE LEFT” or “SECOND RIGHT” with Google maps. After meeting the other ride we started traveling together. I got a call from the other ride saying not to take any left or right but to stay on the highway. Within few minutes we got split up in traffic. At a point, Google lady said us to take the left which will take us away from the Highway. I asked them to stop the car and explained the situation. Either the bridge in front of us as instructed by the phone call or the road on the left instructed by Google lady. They left me to decide. Now I had to take a decision. Should I take the bridge or trust Google maps? What if we take Google’s way
1, We are not lost because all way leads to Rome, then why not Wayanad..??
2, Smart phones never lie.

“Take the left”, I said. My friend Guna turned the wheel left. One decision, just one decision took us in a different path, an entire different path.

Within few minutes the four lane turned into two lane, the street light started to fell apart, the straight road became bendy and crooky, level road turned out to be hilly and sloppy.

“Are we on the right path…??” Guna asked me.

“Yes, we are” I replied by looking at the screen.

The street light vanished away. There were no lights. It was pitch dark outside. Tall trees along the side, bright moon took the lead and we are taking orders from a machine. Rushing four wheels turned into sluggy eight wheels. We hardly saw family cars. We were literally lost.
“Are we going through a forest..??”
“Maybe” I replied.
“Are we lost..??” Guna asked.
A silence filled the space.
“Dai, look over there”
I looked up and saw a sign board welcoming us to Andra Pradesh. This is where I realized that we are lost in woods.
“I knew it fool, we are lost now” Guna in angry,
Lorries turned out to huge containers trucks. Guna felt hard to take over the container trucks because it is too lengthy to over take. He over took one and found a dozen infront of us. He felt irritated.
We were stopped and checked at two check-posts in Andra. The road took us to Karnataka. We again stopped at another check-post and they checked for drunk and driving.
After few minutes passing the third check-post Guna said ” I forgot my papers, I think it might be on the table in my home”
“What..??, No papers for the car..??”
” Nope”
Within few hundred meters…
“500 rupees for no proper papers. Either pay the fine or stay here”
“500 is too much sir”
“This is election time fellas, pay the fine or stay !! You got two choices”
“500..?? for just the papers…?? ”
” I can come down till 400, not less than 400 rupees”
Shiet !! No other go we had to pay the road tax to gear back on the road to Bangalore-Mysore-Wayanad.
Meanwhile the other figo took the bridge drove on the highway, on the highway, on the highway and reached Bangalore-Mysore-Wayand.
Before leaving Chennai, two figos traveled on the same way until one decision took naughty figo in an adventurous way with troubles, obstacles, pain and different experience.
In life people always say take this job like others do or take this higher studies like others do, so you will get a safe road in life with lights around,but in the end you don’t have a crazy story to share.

When both the ride met at Mysore, naughty one had a crazy story to share with.
Take risks, Trust your instinct and don’t forget to share the crazy story.


The Girl in Black Hoodie

Recently I was on a hiking trip to Kodaikanal with my buddies  and I experienced few life changing  moments which made me to write about it.

I was a couch potato until I got the golden ticket for the hiking trip which was already planned by my friends . The ticket was first actually offered to another person and finally it turned out to be me who was the extra seat filler. We were 6 of them including me. These guys picked me up near my room and we all bucked up and finally set to kodaikanal.

Next day morning we started our hiking. We walked and walked and walked and walked. I started feeling my knees shivering.  I started breaking down. After a long walk we reached the top of a mountain.

Its was a charming landscape. Blue mountains stacked up in rows, streaks of orange light gleaming through the clouds. This made me speechless.

I walked deeper towards the corner of the mountain and realized I was entirely surrounded by foreigners. People from different countries gathered on the mountain top. They gather around with african drums, guitars and singing. They are being what really they are. I hardly saw Indian hikers and trekkers around there.

While darting my eyes through the groups, an individual stole my attention. The lady in the black hoodie.

 “I’m a Talentscope” printed behind her hoodie. I went and sat behind her and that’s where I mugged this photograph.


She was sitting all alone enjoying her fruit salad, highly energetic song from the black tiny box near her (you can see this on the picture near her), reading ‘The Alchemist’ and puffing her smoke.

She was looking at the sky in front of her dreaming, listening to the music and relaxing.

“What kind of life you were living..?? Being a couch potato and feeling so proud of it, what worthy of life u possess till now…?? Look around you moron !! What do you see..??” I started hearing questions deep inside me.

“When was the last time you really felt who you are…?? When was the last time you did what really you wanted…?? I can always hear answers “I can’t do that, I was busy doing nothing, I have an office work, I don have time” FUCK YOU !! Look at them. They did that, They too work for living, They find time in their busy schedule. Why  do you make reasons without trying even once.”

I felt shame of myself. I was looking at that lady without batting my eyes.

Man prays to God for a tiny place in heaven everyday but why they are keeping their eyes shut to enjoy the heaven God has already given. The mountain, sea, valley, rivers, plains, hills. Go out there. They are plenty of places God created for man. Go out there. See really who you are.


I heard the guide yelling at me “Bro !! its time, if you take time in all the places you will never reach the destination and you will sure miss the fun”

I took the bag and started walking. I chose not to look her face. Let her be The Lady in the Black Hoodie who taught me the most important lesson in my life.