Mission Impossible: Question papers-02

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We were waiting outside the office room for our parents to bail us out. Its 3.30 PM .

“Shall we confess all the mistakes we have done so far..??”

Jeejo replied “No ! They don’t have any clue about the other things we have done so far so keep the mouth shut !!”

“But..??” denied Soulwin

” I am the one who get caught red-handed, so I can take care of it.” Jeejo replied.

I was listening to the conversation happening between them.

–few months earlier—

“Have you studied..??”

” Yeah…but not all the questions”

” Good”.

Me and Hari are on the way riding bicycle to school.

The exam is gonna start. Everyone is so curious about the question paper. If she changed the questions we are dead.

Principal madam entered the classroom. We are ready with the paper and pen.

“Take down the questions” madam

Everyone is in extreme curious looking at the black board.


On the board “Explain bi-section of the stem with a detailed diagram”

” Phew !! ” My ears pop opens and I started hearing the birds singing and the people around me saying “Phew” 😀 . Goose bumps from head to toe 😀

I started writing the answer in Godspeed. Happiness swirling around us. All the boys know the answer. All I wanted is the pass mark. I learned two questions and I completed both and I am very happy. Everyone is happy. The exam is over and everyone submits the paper.


“Macha !! I’ll pass the exam”

Cheerful happiness around the boys. We saw few sad faces besides us. They are the girls.

” She didn’t change the questions.. haha”

“What do we do for tomorrow’s exam..??”

“Whats tomorrow’s exam..??”

Again silence for a couple of seconds.

“Where do we get the question paper..??

“I have seen many teacher writing questions in a note. So all the staffs must have a question note…”

to be continued…


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