My Bad’ Day

My clock is ticking. All I can hear is people shouting outside my home because they are angry with me. They wanted me to leave the place where I lived . They wanted me to leave my home. But I don’t want to.

I was an aimless small kid who dreamed crazy, who believed imagination is powerful than the reality enjoyed the life with my friends. They showed me a different perspective, the life goal. They said I am unique. I would have never achieved my goal without them. I found the purpose of my life and I thought this is my destiny. I ran for it and I achieved it.

I am sitting at the corner of my home. The memories started piercing through my brain. I was never told that I have to leave my home. The people who wanted me to stay now wants me to leave. I am so confused.

The people outside my house are not willing to fight with me but they are powerful to break in. My clock is ticking. I don want to leave my home. Suddenly I see few people breaking the door. I am so scared and tensed. They came inside my house dragged me outside, bet me so hard and thrown me away. I was bleeding. I was not able to walk. They carried me away. I could hear laughs and cheers around me. I was not able to control my tears. I started to cry loud and screamed. None bothered about me. They took away wat I had. They away what they gave me. They locked the house and sealed it in front of my eyes. I was bleeding so bad, I experienced the  nightmare like everyone in this world. It was my bad’ day.


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