The Three School Girls

It was past 11 in the morning and I was daydreaming and strolling even thought the office starts everyday at 10.

I saw three school girls on their way walking to the school at a distance. They were giggling, chattering among themselves and approaching towards me. To my guess they might be 7th grade or above.

As I was walking slowly, I could hear an ambulance siren from a long distance at my back. I was so sure that it is an ambulance so I never turned my head.I could hear the siren sound is increasing to its maximum level.

At that moment, the girls came so close to me, stood for a second closed their eyes and murmured for just few seconds.

I walked by the side and crossed the girls. The Ambulance just pierced through the traffic and passed us.
The people on their wheels rushed through some gaps to let the ambulance pass through them. That girls just prayed for that unknown soul fighting for staying.

This world is so full of people rushing busy on everyday morning but that moment when they heard that ambulance siren they all just forgot their bosses,their deadlines, their exam tension, their worries, and did what they could to let the ambulance pass by.

Within few seconds the world went back to its shape. I continued strolling…


6 thoughts on “The Three School Girls”

    1. Thnx Vignesh Kumar.
      “Life is just like two tigers fighting where one is bad and another is good” said by an old grandpa to his grandson.
      Grandson asked “which one will win atlast grandpa..??”
      “The one you feed” said by the grandpa.
      So its not wat the world says….its wat u decide wen u growup !!

  1. We people dont even care to give way if the ambulance approches or crosses by. Only a very few are so kind enough to pray for them…
    Nice writeup! Keep Going!

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